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why does rainbow road exist

to separate the weak from the strong


Once an innocent boy, seeking a true friend… 
Found more than he asked for, now, fearing his own end. 
I am tellin’ you that- 
This young man has left us, leaving a mere shell. 
In his place a hero at the edge of heaven or hell. 
Now the rules are written out on this stone wall. 
All the trials by fire, put me at their beck ‘n call. 
I am tellin’ you that- 
Fears and paranoia must be discarded. 
Heroes don’t ask questions, this game isn’t for the faint-of-hearted! 
My skeletons have escaped my closet and they’re out to let you know. 
So be aware, and beware the oncoming answers to truths we never sought but we simply had to know!
Performed by: Tetrimino + ShadyVox 
Composed by: Weston Durant and Matt Mukerjee 
Lyrics by: Christopher Niosi 
Arranged by: Matt Mukerjee, Kristopher Salada, Blake Swift, Mitchell Cairns, and Michaela Nachtigall 
Edit, Mix, and Master Engineering: Matt Mukerjee 
Produced by: Matt Mukerjee 
Album Illustration by: Mike Luckas 
Logo Design by: Weston Durant 
Album Art Edited by: Liz Losey
Download the album from our official TOME bandcamp page! “Heroes Don’t Ask Questions” comes with 3 bonus tracks, including an off-vocal instrumental and a chiptune & acoustic version as well!


And then there’s this.


Here’s an Anime Expo commission I’ve been waiting to post!

It’s Season 2 Alpha from kirbopher's TOME series! This was also used for the new soundtrack cover.


Family: *says something racist*
Family: *says something sexist*
Family: *says something homophobic*
Family: *makes fun of people with tattoos*
Family: *tells you why you’re bad at life*
Family: why don’t you wanna spend time with us?

WiFi: connected
Me: then fucking act like it